Like many children of my generation, my exposure to classical music came via Bugs Bunny cartoons. (My parents played Broadway musicals, and Mahalia Jackson on our hi-fi console) Or, the radio transmission on Saturdays of an opera from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York which I paid little attention to – I thought the words got in the way of the music!

It was in my early twenties I began to develop certain tastes in classical music: Carl Orff: Carima Burana; Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff: Prelude in C Sharp Minor, op. 3 no. 2; Erik Satie: Gymnopédies; Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; and Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre . Then, in my late 20s, I saw the re-mastered version of Fantasia. This is a prelude (excuse the intentional pun) of my things thankful.

Old boom box on top of the fridge that still has pretty good stereo sound and a local classical music station. I need background noise, and in these troubling times, I have instituted another news ban, which leaves out listening to NPR! If the classical is a bit too heavy, there is traditional and/or avant-garde jazz. University stations which play a wide mix of music and programing.

Our DVR: We have eccentric if not eclectic tastes in television programming. Last time we “signed” on with a cable company, we upgraded to a DVR. For the longest time, I rather forgot we had one. Now, well, we’ve decided that most programs with commercials should be DVR’d so we can push past the ads while still retaining the train of thought of the episode. We aren’t “streamers” or “bingers,”as yet, and our tastes of late run to British and Canadian shows. And movies shown late, late, late at night, often on TCM.

Currently in the queue: mystery series such as: Death in Paradise; The Murdoch Mysteries (The Artful Detective); and Endeavour. Oft-watched favourites such as “Vincent and the Doctor” from Matt Smith’s tenure as Doctor Who; The Muppet Christmas Carol; Vanishing Point; Soylent Green. And silent; strange-sounding; surreal or 1950s B-horror movies. Quite a mix! Most recent: A two episode series on the development of the circus in North America (PBS) and the just watched, “The Woman Who Fell To Earth*,” with Jodie Whittaker beginning HER tenure as Dr. Who.

Remain thankful, too, for the small things: frenetically calling blue jays; funny, funky squirrels; trees trying on their autumnal clothes; red sky at morning; friendships; sharing a dish of chocolate ice cream; thrift store “scores” including lovely velvety, embroidered dark green vest and sister-in-law’s birthday present (hand-painted bowls from Italy) and such.

“Well,” she says, dusting off her hands, “another 10 things of thankful” and “another late 10 things of thankful.”

* a lovely play on titles – one of our favourite movies (though not currently on the DVR)The Man Who Fell To Earth.