I left my last things of thankful post with an open “And it’s only Sunday . . .” That was before the calendar-counter hit Monday! Talk about your Monday morning blues! At least, I could paint the week with a palette of shades of aquamarine, turquoise, teal, and azure. Colours that inspired my thankful list.

The colour of the sky during my weekly walk to see my therapist. A Keji-day, named after the particular way the weather feels on the best days at Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. Bright skies, cool breeze, nice air temperature. Refreshing. Invigorating. Puts a tiny skip into my step.

The colour of subtitle ink on the cover of my latest binge-read: A Tale of Two Murders: A Dickens of a Crime by Heather Redmond. Nice mix of fictional characters with real: Charles Dickens as a young reporter, and his to-be-wife, Kate, as they solve the fictitious Epiphany murders during that “season of darkness . . .” Distracted me through a very rough night.

The colour of the Food Allergy Organization’s Halloween allergy education and awareness program. I started my stash of allergy-free treats this week for the Teal Pumpkin Project this week: wiggly snakes and ghost and goblin stickers.

The colour of a friend’s top when we had lunch together. But nothing blue about the whole wheat crust bruschetta pizza, or our laughing conversation.

And nothing blue about the slow but so far steady recovery of another friend from surgery on Monday, home again on Friday. I put up “fallish” welcome decorations on the front door and lawn wrought iron sign-hanger, and a new autumnal wreath for her back door.

Writing down your things of thankful (and not just the “big stuff”) can be therapeutic. Growing bodies of research suggest thankfulness and daily gratitudes have healing effects on mental/emotional and physical pain. See, for example: “The Power of Gratitude: Learn how gratitude can help with pain management,” by Nicola Davies, PhD in the October/November 2018 edition of Pain-Free Living.