Filling in for Wendy — going to be a guest contributor on a regular basis — for Mindfulness Monday. As I’ve been worrying alot, exploring mindfulness and worry was very therapeutic. It can be hard to be mindful when your mind is full of worried thoughts.

Picnic with Ants

“Do not lose yourself in the past. Do no lose yourself in the future. Do not get caught in your anger, worries or fears.Come back to the present moment, and touch life deeply. This is mindfulness.”

Thich Njat Hanh

“The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life; anxiety takes you in circles, trust in yourself and become free.”

Leon Brown

“Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.”

Renee Jain

As Wendy indicated, I will drop by from time to time to do the Mindfulness Monday post.

Finding mindfulness quotes concerning worry was an excellent therapeutic exercise.

As an added bonus because I really like the idea:

Worry is a misuse of your imagination.”


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