Okay, in terms of posting Ten Things of Thankful, last week was a write-off (right-off? rite-off?). I got rather introspective and philosophical and depressive (nihilistic?). I forgot the small smiles that slipped in between the frowns and grimaces.

Such as:

Dancing with mating butterflies and migrating monarchs.

Being reminded of “will wonders never cease” (I hope not).

Feeling supportive virtual hugs (and some real world ones, too).

Practicing mudita (joy in the joy of others) rather than feeling envious/jealous.

Embracing as my mantra: “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” (Cormac McCarthy).

So, I survived last week. That is a thankful in itself.

This week had it’s own set of challenges and rewards. Not sure just where the scales balance out, but I do have a thankful list:

Listening to the enjoyable quiz show, “Ask Me Another,” on NPR. This week’s guest was Jenn Colella from the Broadway musical, “Come From Away” based on the true story of how the small town of Gander, Newfoundland (Canada) played host to the passengers and crew of grounded planes in the days of closed skies after 9/11. Yes, as the host of the show said, “Imagining pitching a musical about 9/11.” But it is a story of caring, kindness and welcome. Something all can be thankful for. Especially in dark times.

Creating my own set of coping cards, with reminders for anxiety attacks such as: “calm as a koi pool” or self-doubt/self-criticism : “These voices are not mine. Those are their words.”

An unplanned lunch and a well-planned supper out with two different friends. Food (wine) and conversation. Hugs as dessert; sweet enough for me (til I got home – smile).

Autumnal Equinox; yes, the start of that wonderous, splendiferous season I’ve mentioned before. Of apple crisp air burnished russet. 

Starting soon: puck-watching and birdfeeder-watching season.

Five things of thankful, and it’s only early Sunday morning . . .

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