Last week was my first trek into Ten Things of Thankful – and I’m thankful for the warm and welcoming TToT community. Capturing words for this week’s post has me chasing them down with butterfly nets. Pouring over my daily gratitude journal (with gaps). It’s been a rough go; I admit that the abyss opens wide, beckoning me into it’s black hole. Even the faintest of star-light is muffled by the clouds of discontent and depression. So, this is a too late to be official TToT. I will try to read what others are thankful for!

1. Double scrubbing the kitchen floor. I am not even close to a neat freak, but this old kitchen floor sucks dirt like a vampire sucks blood.

2. Having lunch with two friends, and practicing the Buddhist principle of joy in the joy of others: one friend is taking a three week trip to India (she and her husband take each grandchild on a trip of the child’s choosing after they graduate high school.) Jealousy at the ability to travel (to a place I studied in my graduate work), the money to do so, etc. But, I was mindful and let the negative feelings drain away and to be so glad my friend, husband and grandson being able and lucky to take such a trip. Hearing the details of the tour, and reaffirming that I do look forward to her return with tales and photographs!

3. Dirt under my nails again – and hoping my intervention will “heal” those plants who are losing a battle with some sort of virus, bacteria, bug – and planting some new ground cover.

4. My silly gladiolas might bloom this year. Several disappeared, but new ones seem to have come forth to say, “Hey, it’s okay.”

5. Trust of a friend: someone trusting me to help out and fulfill a commitment – one of my previous “good qualities” that has gone and causes great distress when vignettes from the past pop up.

6. Accepting, remaining neutral as I could, about my appointment with a physical therapist doctor who deals with folks with my jaw, facial muscular-skeletal system. Gained information, but now faced with another series of hoops to jump (and hope they aren’t flaming at the time). Taking the information as more important than the let down of not being able to start the physical therapy due to insurance issues, finding a local pt person who can begin the processes that lead to specific pt on my orofacial pain.

7. A friend “gifting” a gift I gave her on to one of her friends that needed to be given a gift. Gifts, unless extremely personal/special, are given, I feel, to be gifted again. The pleasure of receiving and the equal pleasure of giving continues.

8. Seeing the “red planet” as a bright, scarlet spot in the light-polluted sky as Earth and Mars dance close – like a waltz and a tango. Is it a walgo or a taltz? (hopefully these aren’t words in another language I am misusing!)

9. Being brave with the new camera and taking pictures. Must learn not to put my nose against the view screen as I look through the view finder.

10. Finishing this, even if it’s belated and past due. Mending the holes in my word-catching butterfly net.

image: @ Lorraine (taken with phone camera; don’t have software on my computer to download from the new camera)