The mlmm Sunday Writing Prompt: “Use the quote above for inspiration for a poem or short story.”


You can taste the bitterness of her smile; hear deception in her lilting tones of lust and praise.

A whiff of her brimstone perfume yet clings to your soul.

Was she ever an innocent; a time before her lips are scarlet, and parted with absinthe breath.

Her hair not red, but blond and braided with wildflowers and ribbons.

Her fingers deft at stitchery; not yet that feather-light exquisite touch.

Childhood fantasies of tea parties and castles; not of whips and manacles.

Friends, not clients. Dreams of marriage and family; not sisterhood of the velvet curtains and mirrored ceilings.

Will she work her way up through the phalanx to be that elusive, storied creature: the Madame with the heart of gold.

Will her perfume always burn your senses; her stiletto-heeled foot on the rickety-fated stairs down.


For mlmm Sunday Writing Prompt Quotes; Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne.