“I was over at my friend Faith’s blog, Little Lord Oscar Dandelion, if you haven’t been over there, check her out, she has some amazing short stores and she’s just really cool too! She shared a post from Ten Things of Thankful and posted her own list of things to be thankful for, you can check her list out here. I think this is a wonderful idea, I have not been paying enough attention to the things in my life that I’m very grateful for, I think this will help me bring that front and center. I think it’d be super cook if you joined us on the challenge.” Wendy, Picnic With Ants

I have “homework” to write down at least one daily gratitude. The challenge fits well within this framework. So, here goes. Not the easiest post, right now, I will admit! That’s why my entry is

Six Things of Thankful*

v nature in our yard: night time dance of the fireflies; comical baby birds learning how to eat suet at our feeders; petting honey and bumble bees

v dirt under my fingernails: means I have been puttering in the garden

v friends: in the virtual and real world who inspire, listen (and put up with me)

v tai chi class: always a beginner and a beginner’s mind, but the concept of meditation in motion, and the focus on body, mind, spirit is important; my super patient teacher, and class mates

v Saturday walk: a butterfly landed on me several times, attracted by the yellowness of my overalls; sitting on my bare arm with the weight of a breath

v fish revival rescue: watching two fish helping a sick “friend” swim around the pool, keeping it moving until it could swim better on it’s own (I’ve seen this behaviour once before)

* Ten Things of Thankful encourages others to write a post each week and share your link on the blog recognizing that if it’s been a bad week, then just being grateful it wasn’t worse is okay! image:

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