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February 14, 2018

Mindfulness Monday – animals

Wendy — your artwork is amazing!
Animals are special — and Eckhart Tolle has it right. Cats are zen masters, but dogs are very special too.

Picnic with Ants


“When I look into the eyes of an animal
I do not see an animal.
I see a living being.
I see a friend.
I feel a soul.”

~ A.D. Williams


“Petting a dog can be one of the most
and spiritual
moments you can have.”

~ Nicholas Montemarano


“I have lived with several Zen masters –
all of them cats.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

*all artwork created by W. Holcombe.  Please do not use without permission.  All rights reserved.

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A Weekend Getaway

I am so proud of Wendy — Queen of the Warrior Princesses!
She is spreading her wings and flying higher and higher.

Picnic with Ants

Tuesday was my husband’s 50th birthday, and as I write this he is sitting on the floor putting together a Lego helicopter, he is so cool.

20180208_171512.jpg Kiki thought she would help.

Early last week I realized that this was his 50th birthday!  Oh my goodness!  I hadn’t planned anything really.  Yes, I got him the Legos, and I planned to make him dinner, but that wasn’t enough for this milestone.  I was determined to do something special.  I was on a mission.

This mission was impeded by the fact that I can’t talk on the phone or drive.  Hmm, so what could I do?   What did I do?

First I decided I wanted to take him away, not far, just away from our house.  I wanted to spoil him, so I started looking for a hotel that also provided massages.  First I did a lot of looking on line and…

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