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February 2018

What It’s Like Currently Being a Student in America — Queerly Texan

Thanks Wendy for speaking up and sharing an important post.

Picnic with Ants

I’ve grown up in a post-Columbine world. The talk of school shootings is not something new to me, I’ve been taught how to prepare for one my whole life. I’ve spent hours siting in dark classrooms, huddled in the corner with my classmates praying it’s only a drill. As of February, there have been a […]

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as I read Alyssa’s words I kept thinking,

“Our Children’s Lives Are Worth More Than a Gun!”

I don’t care what you feel about your right to own a gun, it is not greater than the life of a child.

Under no circumstances does anyone need to own an automatic weapon.  Period.

The argument that we are blaming the gun instead of the shooter doesn’t cut it.  As I heard someone say yesterday, “If my child hits someone with a stick, I…

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Mindfulness Monday – Self Love

Oh so true! Love and kindness to ourselves can be the hardest thing we try each day.
All the quotes are good, but I like the last most. For I am a forehead hitter!
Thanks Wendy for sharing these quotes and your fantastic image!
And, remember to be kind and gentle to yourself.

Picnic with Ants


“Maybe the reason nothing seems to be ‘fixing you’
is because you’re not broken.
Let today be the day you
stop living within the confines
of how others define or judge you.
You have a unique beauty and purpose;
live accordingly.”

~ Steve Maraboli

“Be nice to yourself.
It’s hard to be happy when someone
is mean to you all the time.”

~ Christine Arylo

“View your life with kindsight.
Stop beating yourself up
about things from your past.
Instead of slapping your forehead and asking,
‘What was I thinking,’
breathe and ask yourself the kinder question,
‘What was I learning?'”

~ Karen Salmnsohn

Always remember, you are doing the best you can; be gentle with yourself.

**self portrait by W. Holcombe. Please do not use without permission.

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Wendy’s Mindfulness Monday: meditation in motion

tt 72: hope[d]well

2018 Great Backyard Bird Count

Mindfulness Monday – animals

Wendy — your artwork is amazing!
Animals are special — and Eckhart Tolle has it right. Cats are zen masters, but dogs are very special too.

Picnic with Ants


“When I look into the eyes of an animal
I do not see an animal.
I see a living being.
I see a friend.
I feel a soul.”

~ A.D. Williams


“Petting a dog can be one of the most
and spiritual
moments you can have.”

~ Nicholas Montemarano


“I have lived with several Zen masters –
all of them cats.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

*all artwork created by W. Holcombe.  Please do not use without permission.  All rights reserved.

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A Weekend Getaway

I am so proud of Wendy — Queen of the Warrior Princesses!
She is spreading her wings and flying higher and higher.

Picnic with Ants

Tuesday was my husband’s 50th birthday, and as I write this he is sitting on the floor putting together a Lego helicopter, he is so cool.

20180208_171512.jpg Kiki thought she would help.

Early last week I realized that this was his 50th birthday!  Oh my goodness!  I hadn’t planned anything really.  Yes, I got him the Legos, and I planned to make him dinner, but that wasn’t enough for this milestone.  I was determined to do something special.  I was on a mission.

This mission was impeded by the fact that I can’t talk on the phone or drive.  Hmm, so what could I do?   What did I do?

First I decided I wanted to take him away, not far, just away from our house.  I wanted to spoil him, so I started looking for a hotel that also provided massages.  First I did a lot of looking on line and…

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Mindfulness Monday – Relax

Wendy has chosen well. These quotes remind us of the spaces between our breaths.

Picnic with Ants

tumacacori column

“Relaxation means releasing
all concern and tension and
letting the natural order of life
flow through one’s being.”

~ Donald Curtis

“Meditation is all about the
pursuit of nothingness.
It’s like the ultimate rest.
It’s better than
the best sleep you’ve ever had.
It’s a quieting of the mind.”

~ Hugh Jackman

“And sometimes
the most important thing
in a day is
the rest we take

~ Etty Hillesum

*photo by S. Holcombe, please do not use without permission.  (Tumacácori National Park)

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playing with words: cluich le faclan

soc on eudemonia*

“As Is: Under Enchantment. No Returns or Refunds Allowed”

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