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January 29, 2018

Mindfulness Monday – Dizzy

Wendy deals with vertigo. Her Mindfulness meditation reflects this eloquently, as does her photo illustrate the experience.

Picnic with Ants

dizzy winter

“Looking up gives light,
although at first it makes you dizzy.”

~ Rumi

“I am trying so hard to live in the moment and
enjoy it while it’s happening,
because it feels like a moving freight train that I just got on,
and I’m trying not to look back and get dizzy!

~ Laura Bell Bundy

“To be alive is to be dizzy
and not to know exactly where to go.”

~ Ander Monson

*image by W. Holcombe, please do not use without permission.

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yeah, I didn’t get that done…

Wendy’s experience with on line counseling has been good to date. Thought I would share her journey with you.

Picnic with Ants

You may recall my post back in December where I talked about my fear of gaining weight.  I felt like I was handling that better, and things were going well.  I was trying to focus on nutrition and not on weight.  I have been trying to eat more mindfully, more intentionally (appreciating the food, accepting it’s nourishment, paying attention to my hunger cues….)

I say try on all of these because I haven’t been doing a very good job recently.

I promised I’d write a post about mindful eating last week, and well….. yeah, I didn’t get that done.  I started getting very obsessed with food this week.

The fight with food is strong in this one (ha, I sound like Obi Wan..or Yoda).

I was doing well when the scale was staying the same, and even went down a little.  Yes I still want to lose that last…

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