Many years ago, when I was young, and less foolish, we formed the PLA – Penguin Liberation Army with the goal of freeing penguins from zoos and aquariums, specifically the Stanley Park Zoo. Even before Madagascar, I must add.

Yesterday was Penguin Awareness Day – so, today, why not get to know a penguin species and it’s status (many are endangered; global warming will make this worse). Watch March of the Penguins  (2005) or other documentary. (Yes, Madagascar et al if you enjoy!). Find a favourite penguin image and share it on social media.

Explore which organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund, are dedicated to the study and conservation of penguins. Become involved through membership, donations, volunteer activities.

Do penguin-themed “things” with kids; host a penguin-themed cocktail party or dinner. Wear a tuxedo!

And, yes, even visit a zoo/aquarium to watch these birds’ antics. These environments are increasingly becoming refuges (and captive breeding programs) for the little fellas.

Better to become aware and appreciative of penguins one day late, than to discover you were DAYS too late to help save them from the effects of climate change.