Yeah! It’s #colour your world 2018 time! The challenge has been switched up a bit – a week of colours from various rows of the 120 crayon crayola box. I’m going for the full meal deal first week with a short, short story about Indigo. Last year, it was a micro-burst of a story for each colour. Some weeks will be on Lorraine’s Frilly Freudian Slip; others on In 25 Words More or Less (for now). This week, I’ll be posting to both to get the colour wheel spinning. 


It was a bluetiful* time in the cycle of  the seasons. The almond trees beginning to bud; mahogany sunrises as the talons of dawn drew blood from the quivery moon. Dressed in her pure white (white) confirmation dress with rebellious shocking pink underwear underneath, Indigo slowed her hoppy skips to a dignified pace under the ever watchful eye of Sister Agnes.

*Dandelion has been replaced in the Crayola Box by bluetiful. This week, will also be posted in In 25 Words More or Less.