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January 4, 2018

mlmm tale weaver 153: for auld lang syne

tt 65: escheresque

Some things are hard to talk about. Pocrescophobia

A name for my fears — Wendy is again brace and an shining icon, a light house in the dark of self-doubt, self-loathing, and the need for self-love.
Thanks Wendy, I am so proud of you!

Picnic with Ants

I’ve been struggling with something for a while and I’m not actually sure I feel comfortable talking about it, but there may be someone else out there struggling with the same thing who needs to know they aren’t alone.   I have an intense fear of gaining weight.

*****this post talks about eating disorders, this may be a trigger for some of you, please take care of yourself and read (or not) accordingly*********

As many of you may know, I lost 45 pounds in 2017.  This is something I have been trying to do for a long time.  I gained a lot of weight when I first got sick, on top of losing my independence, suddenly my body no longer felt like mine.  I weighed 225 pounds at my heaviest, and I didn’t recognize myself.  (I’m barely 5’5″ tall)  A few years ago I found out that I have Fructose Malabsorption…

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Mindfulness Monday – New Year

I think Aristole got it rigt.
All the best of 2018 — the year of kindness and magic; magical kindness manifested in all that we do, big or small

Picnic with Ants

Happy New Year copy2

“She made a revolutionary idea:
She would make more time for
life’s truly important things

First on the list:

~ Amy Rubin Flett

“You are never too old to
set another goal
or to dream a new

~ Aristotle

*artwork by W. Holcombe, Please do not use without permission.

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