She lives in darkness, only barest candlelight glistening against snowfall of her fears.
Her raven’s hair redolent of cloves, dried biting orange peel and cinnamon.
For ornamentation, bright ear-baubles, and circlet.
Her fey gifts of healing called witchery by some.* 
(268 characters)

image by Kat Myrman

*Each Monday, at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, there is a wordle – a list of 12 words to use in a story or poem. This week, as a holiday gift, we were invited to use our own wordle list, too. Sam’s (Yves husband) wordle words are in italics; my wordle words are in bold. The rest of the story is found here.

I had started the wordle, using Yves’ husband, Sam’s, word list, and one of my own, and Kat’s image so suited my opening line, I decided to use both to create a twittering tale of 268 characters, and a piece of flash fiction of 100 words.