{She lives in darkness, only barest candlelight glistening against snowfall of her fears.
Her raven’s hair redolent of cloves, dried biting orange peel and cinnamon.
For ornamentation, bright ear-baubles, and circlet.
Her fey gifts of healing called witchery by some.}

Worries her family will feel stress of shunning or worse. And, wakes from nightmarish dreams, smell of wood fire in her nostrils, feels flames tickling her feet.

So, as starscape whirls on solstice eve, she gathers together her few possessions, then silently closes cottage door without looking back. Bundle, slung upon her back, weighs less than heaviness of her heart. 100 words

image by Kat Myrman

For mlmm bonus wordle holidays. Yves provided a list of festive words (chosen by her husband, Sam), and suggested we could make a wordle list of our own, too. Sam’s words are in italics, mine are in bold. The text between the {  } represents my twittering tale for Kat’s prompt this week. A twittering tale is a story told within the tweeter-verse allowed character count, now 280. Her image matched the story taking hold with the wordles, which actually came first.