I haven’t been writing. Words are like butterflies that land for a second, then flutter off. Or dragonflies’ weightless dance against my skin. If I could catch them – the butterflies, the dragonflies, I could perhaps write again.

I joined a creative writing group – a big step for me, though I was part of an incredible writing circle in my early twenties, and of course, the mlmm family of prompsters and friends. We’ll see if this group helps spark my writing, gives me a net to catch those butterfly words.

I found this prompt walking down Morpethroad and read just one of Michael’s incredibly prolific and enchanting, engaging, laughing stories.

So, here is my response to Sacha Black’s writespiration 144 (52 weeks in 52 words, week 49). The prompt, the challenge: what lays behind a waterfall – in 52 words exactly.

Behind the waterfall is a misty world of light and shadow. Sound of water like wind chimes.  Here, peace is so deep and freeing, I can touch the clouds and stars.

I hear the call of the water – as I let go of this world, I am baptized in it’s embrace.

image: pixabay.com