I forgot to suggest some otherworldly reading material. Why not sample Edgar Allan Poe?: “The Raven”; “The Tell Tale Heart”; “The Pit and the Pendulum”; “Fall of the House of Usher”; “The Premature Burial”. All guaranteed to send those lovely shivers up your spine. And that’s just a small sample.

In my teens, I used to scare myself silly with H. P. Lovecraft. In his own era, he wrote in obscurity – but now his works are widely published and read. Here is just a sampler: The Shadow Over Innsmouth; “The Dunwich Horror”; “Rats in the Walls”; “The Picture in the House”; and “The Lurking Fear” to name a few – like Poe, Lovecraft mainly wrote short stories and novellas.

Two authors who I would read with ALL the lights on . . .

image: HP Lovecraft by mirrorcandle (deviant art)