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Willow has me howlin’ at the moon! Her countdown post is incredible! Her poetry, the music selections. Just perfect! Thanks, Willow, for putting this together — it’s fantastic.


Lorraine is doing a great theme entitled Countdown to Halloween. Well she is asking for songs, and books to read for Halloween. Well I put on my thinking cap and dug deep into my archives and found some of my old Halloween poems and revamped them for the season! I have added some of my favourite spooky music as for reading material …….

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories

byBram Stoker

Image Found at Pixabay

I know that it is raining I can see that it is wet

But you are my familiar and not a blooming pet!

I have asked you nicely I have even said please

Now go and get me food or I shall infest you with flees.

Excuse me, Lady Mistress, this does not seem quite right

Just where in my contract does it say I have to work…

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