Every Wednesday Michael of Morphetroad invites us to join him in posting a picture of “wot i shot” on Wednesdays, and tell a story about the picture.

This is “photography in the raw,” unedited photos from my trip to town. I go to Ritzyville five times a week for classes at the Y. Sometimes I go for coffee afterward at the Whole Foods Café. Hate to support an Amazon company, but old habits  . . . 

I might do some shopping in Whole Foods (an upscale healthy food grocery chain): today was organic basil and extra virgin olive oil for pesto (my basil is bust); chicken (for bbq); light cream and skyr: Icelandic style yogurt. I’ve previously posted pictures (better ones!) of the train station and tracks. Efforts made to preserve the unique style of the station – a place for folks to escape to the “country” to live, and commute into the big city to work. My town, not so upscale, is two stops away. There is an old train station in town (I’ve posted pictures of it), but not on the remaining active commuter line. So we have a bus style shelter on one side, and a bench on the other. This was after renovations to our “station.”

I’ve always loved taking trains. I think my first overnight train trip was when I was around 3. When I moved from the east coast to the west coast in the early 1980s, I went by train. In the mid-1980s, while the trains still ran, I took the daily “special” into the city for appointments, shopping, and “culture.”

Trains continue to feature in my life. Once I commuted to work in the big city here, then for doses of culture at the museums. Before schedule changes made it too difficult, I took the train to a nature preserve for walks. Now, my long commute, potentially two hours each way (including a bus trip), is to visit the oro facial pain clinic not really all that many miles away!

So, a bit of unedited writing to accompany unedited photos. A peak at a portion of my day. For “wot i shot Wednesday #2”, October 11, 2017.