Michael, sitting in his house on Morphetroad, wrote:

“Each Wednesday as it’s a quiet blogging day for me I am going to post a photo I took on a Wednesday and write a short story/explanation about it.

You are welcome to join in and share your Wednesday shots as well.

It could be something you see when you get out of bed.

Your own bleary-eyed face could be included though I know mine could be troubling to some and be not necessarily a good way to start your day.

The shot can be of anything you saw during the day.

Good or bad doesn’t matter as you’ll see with many of my efforts.

I would like you to tell me the story if any about your photo and its backstory if it has one. Try and restrict your enthusiasm to tell me to 100 words.”

So wot i shot on Wednesday:

This is sight that greeted me when I went out my gate on Wednesday morning. The gremlins who reside in my phone, however, decided a Wednesday post was out of the question.

“Go ask your mother.”

“Go ask your father.”

Jimmy decided his parents would say yes.

So, he has the pet of his nightmares.

And no-one is sure what his parents think.

No one’s heard from lately . . . (44 words)