Some more adultish content from the Rocky Horror Picture Show included in this post — just a word or two of warning.

Originally posted as Tale Weaver for Phylor’s Blog, October 31, 2013

“Happy Halloween!
A time
to howl, to cause a fright,
It’s trick
or treat time tonight.

My mother was a good seamstress, and she made all my clothes, including Halloween costumes. The absolute best (I wonder what ever happened to it?) were the years I was a dinosaur like Dino on the Flintstones. Mom adapted a cat costume by using green corduroy, widening the tail, adapting the “paws” to more dinosaurish “hands,” sewing “spikes” from the hood to the end of the tail, and putting different coloured spots all over the costume. She made it big enough to wear for several years – wearing less and less “padding” of extra coats and sweaters as I grew.

image: Glenn Glasser; Stylist: Kristine Trevino (from real simple – mine had spots and sharper looking spikes!)

In my early 20s, a friend and near neighbor always hosted a Halloween “howl.” I went as several different women, but the year I was my alter ego/evil twin sister was the most fun. At the time, I wore my long hair in a braid, and when not at work in a professional office, favoured overalls or long loose skirts, very little jewelry, no makeup, black rubber boots (miner’s boots) when it was wet or snowy, flats (“Chinese” cotton “mary janes”), and a knapsack or large homemade bag slung across my body.

So, I arrived at the party with my hair down and “styled,” with some makeup (not too heavy), fairly tight shirt with low neck, and ruffles, a short skirt, cursed panty hose (I was so happy when I no longer worked in an office that required them!), lots of junk jewelry, a small purse with a long chain strap, and high heels. It took a male friend of mine weeks to teach me how to walk in the darned things – luckily, the party was only around the corner!

Of course, folks who knew me got the joke – they would come up and introduce themselves to my alter ego/evil twin sister, usually laughing extremely hard because they got the role play. A few asked where I was since it was obviously my alter ego/evil twin sister, (depending on the person) at the party, not me. Those not in on the joke thought I was dressed as an expensive (or inexpensive) call girl from an escort service.

I spent the evening doing the exact opposite of what I would normally do or say. I drank a cocktail, kept checking my makeup in a compact mirror, and daubing on more red lipstick. Again, with the help of my male friend, I learned how to be flirtatious, and come on to somebody. I gave out fake phone numbers on match books. I had a blast.

For a party with social work students, I just put on clothes out of my closet, put a varnished loaf of bread in a basket (a bad attempt at baking by a friend we preserved for all eternity – wonder where that loaf of bread is?), some dried flowers and a bottle of wine. Covered the basket with a linen napkin and went as a village maiden (from Transylvania of course!). It was great fun, too, as a close friend from the social work school where I was taking night courses, unbeknownst to me, came as Dracula! The party’s best feature – was a feature movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show. We were provided with the appropriate items to throw at the screen at the right moment, and I’ve never gotten the song “Time Warp” out of my head since.

So, may your Halloween be all kinds of fun
And, when all the trick or treating is done.
You’ve got memories pleasant and fair
And nothing gave you a really big scare!

So, tell me: what is your favourite Halloween costume, as a child and as an adult? I’d love to see pictures! (NOT TOO ADULT IN CONTENT, PLEASE, IF POSTING OR SHARING; THIS ISN’T QUITE THE RIGHT SPACE FOR THAT SORT OF EXCHANGE) Write a post, and link back here (ping back or comments), or tell me in the comments.

My neighbourhood goes all out for this “celebration.” I’ll be posting pictures as the decorating has begun!

The local library has a Rocky Horror Picture Show Sing-a-Long played for October 27. I doubt we will be allowed to use the standard props of rice, etc.

PS: Time Warp plays prominently in my out-of-body dreams . . .