Wendy, of Mindfulness Mondays, is planning on participating in this years Walk4Hearing — an important cause. Give her a shout out — even better, make a donation, big or small, to help those with hearing loss.
Yeah, Wendy!

Picnic with Ants

20170920_131922 How I hear. Bilateral cochlear implants. Cool Huh?

The Hearing Loss Association of America‘s Walk4Hearing in North Carolina is coming up soon on October 15th, and I’ll be walking.  (fates willing)

Did you know that approximately 48 million people in the United States have a hearing loss? The goal of the Walk4Hearing is to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of hearing loss and to raise funds to provide information and support for people with hearing loss.

This is my first year participating in the Walk4Hearing and I’m excited and nervous.  I’m excited to be surrounded by people who live with hearing loss, like me; our friends and family who support us, audiologists, and advocates…everyone coming together to make a difference.  I’m nervous because ….well golly, this is one place I’m not nervous because I can’t hear.  That’s pretty amazing.  I will be using my walker for balance…

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