in the laboratory of my luxuria

I measure the looping arabesque

pulsing stamen and moistened pistil within

the granny knot of relentless reproduction

I must dawdle over my research;

not skirt all the allegories and illusionary data

clutching at those simmering passions; last

flowering; velvet dawn

© Lorraine – copyright of the author

mlmm wordle 171 deftly produced by Pat: pistil [the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules; a stalk, or style, arising from the ovary; and a pollen-receptive tip, the stigma, variously shaped and often sticky.]; stamen [a stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower. It produces the pollen. The stamen has two parts: the anther, and the stalk. The stalk is also called the filament.]; arabesque; skirt; socket; measure; loop; simmer; granny knot [The granny knot is a binding knot, used to secure a rope or line around an object.]; clutch; reverse; dawdle.

image: KuyaAndy via

{Sure you have wordled well into the future, Pat, but these words kept popping into my head, yet I could not form, as yet, a cocoon, a hammock, a resting spot for them as they race, bounce, rattle off the osteoporosised walls of skull:

monkey wrench; dust bunny; jejune; rowboat; goose-neck lamp; dementia; angst; vexatious; pernicious; mollycoddle; milk bottle; vermillion lipstick – why, I have no idea. I went to a creative energy workshop this afternoon and my mind has been spinning since.}

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