I patchworked myself together for you; that summer of burgeoning temptation

wove meadow flower tiaras that I might smell sweet; you a bee to my honey

let you read my diary; unstrung threads of secret and forbidden 

fantasies of unbirthdays dedicated to pleasuring you

my virginal dress of gossamer lace stained with dark red berry blood

those first cries of pain; then moans of inner buzzing

arching back, purring, humming of sinew and bone;

voyages of exploration under tangled star-stitched quilts of midnight skies

but, you defaced my diary; redacted your name from its pages

erased the scent of me from contours of your body

stowed your magic tricks in battered suitcase bearing other lovers’ labels

then, as if it would explain all,

propped a note upon my pillow: in art deco lettering

“remember a cat adjusts to the space of itself with grace. be a cat”

For mlmm Sunday Writing Prompt, Adjust to the Space of Self, presented by Pat

image: in other words, Charles Bukowski; left: Magnolia Pearl Clothing; top middle: KarnaKarna – Cocoon Designs; middle middle: source unknown (Pat thanks you whoever you are); bottom middle: “Impromptu Tea Party, Colette Wibisono

© Lorraine