She would oft scan the sliver of sky visible from her prison in the castle keep for glimpse of her rescuer, her saviour, mounted upon a mythical dragon. A magician who could bend and stitch time as though she was never there. Under the shine of a clear full moon, they would float over the ocean, her toes dipping into the undulating waves. The scent, the sea tang wrapping itself in her hair. The heart of the sea beat within her breast. Dragon would sail on the salty wind, wing-beating trip to follow the coastline of daunting cliffs, shale and sand beaches, breakers beating down rocks of the ages.  She would never surrender to the archaic notion of arranged marriage. Never take to the marriage bed but with and for love.

She knew t’was foolish; a figment of her deepest needs. In fitful sleeps, eccentric dreams of velvety dark chocolate nights, the glint of moon off her knight errand’s armour. Hood of her cloak hiding her personae, entangling herself so in the circle of  willowwacks that even her prison guard, the Lord’s myrmidon, could not find her.

She always awoke within the dank walls of her castle keep prison, scent of sea and forest in her hair, salt water staining her garb, and faint tingle of knight’s kiss upon her lips. Held there until she would bend to the will of the Lord and marry his worthless son and through male grunt, sweat, moans and female pain, produce the required sons.

Imprisoned, she would grow old and single with her star-quilt of wishes. But that is how it should be, she thought. Her dreams brought her freedom this pre-arranged marriage bed. And, if perchance found door unlocked, she knew she would jump from the parapet, arms outstretched, flying towards the sea.

Composed from:

Sunday Wordle 310 words: bend archaic scent sail stitch surrender heart trip scan shine sliver follow

mlmm wordle 166 words: foolish figment need circle jump myrmidon (a person who executes without question or scruple a master’s commands. “hired ruffian” Also see mythology) entangle glint hood chocolate eccentric willowwacks (wooded or uninhabited area)