Kick the habit

Kick the can

Kick in the ass

Kick a goal

Kick, one, two, kick

Kick box

Kick ass

Kick like lotus

Kicks on Sunset Strip

Kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight*

Just for kicks

Hey, and how’s tricks?

She shook her head and hit delete. “So lame,” she thought, staring at the blank screen staring back at her. But then, everything in her life was lame. She felt flat and dull, like an old piece of foolscap, three holes punched. Browned with age, curling edges so wouldn’t lie or lay straight. Writing so faded only the odd word could be discerned. Meant to be discarded, crumbled, crumpled and tossed. No, kicked with top of toes upward towards the waste basket.

“Gotta kick the prompt writing habit,” she moaned, rocking and murmuring to herself.

Every day the same – prompts which prompted nothing. Yet, she was driven to look, to copy and paste. An addiction, a habit; soul-eating desire for a prompt fix. Aching need as powerful as any drug she’d been on. How she was getting her kicks; but just kicking into stale, musty air.

She’d kicked other habits: smoking; illicit drugs; morphine and oxycodone for pain; heavy alcohol consumption. But this was one hellish addiction that had tendrils and tentacles. Wrapped around her mind and spirit. She moved her fingers towards shutting down the damn machine, but . . .

* Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Bruce Cockburn

image: © Lorraine 2016


For a wonderful challenge/prompt try Manic Mondays, hosted by Sandi @ flip flips every day:

“Each Monday (hey, that’s today!), I’ll present a new song title, and you come up with a post using it.  Ping back to this post, so other’s can read! (if not wordpress user, provide link to your post in comments)  It can be fiction/non-fiction, poetry, subject can be dark, serious or humorous – however many characters you want- just have fun with it!  It doesn’t have to pertain to the song, whatsoever. The rules are…there are no Rules!  (except using the title of the song part)  Click here for song titles for other Manic Mondays.”

This week the she went back into the ‘60s and picked Paul Revere and the Raiders, “Kicks.” I like the go-go dancers, too, Sandy!