Each morn,

as dawn scratches

nighttime skin of sky

she sits

afore vanity’s mirror;

pots of paint,

brushes of an


await her


to paint upon

blank canvas;

sketch with charcoal nub


arched or furrowed

eyes wide with

wonderment; by times


flash green specked gold

with envy and with greed; or

obsidian reflecting pools


rouged into soft pillows

hollowed; sharp with need

lips red smear of hunger

or well-drawn lines

of lust

each morn

she choices face to

paint; how to

look upon the day

anger; worry

joy; naivety

wantonness; jealousy

samples her reflection

then artfully arranges

hair to match;

coloured flaxen, raven, autumn red

threaded, beaded, plaited, rolled;

headdress, veil

bejeweled circlets and mesh hair nets

ear baubles gaudy, tasteful;

tiny dots, sweeping hoops

necklace chains

velvet ribbons; leather thongs

draws up attire from pile upon

her bed

up-thrust breasts or modesty;

thread-bare; richly embroidered

loose home-spun; tight watered silk

flowing linen; soft folding deep velvet

colours from

ascendant virginal white through

spectrum to descendant scarlet

she slips feet into

wooden clogs; soft leather slippers

heels of slithering heights

then ready, cracks open shutter

flings open door; emerging

emotion thus prepared

to greet audience of a million

or of one

© Lorraine 2017

for Saturday Mix/Hunt: Emotion Personified