“Excellent plan, Citizen Marvin”

“Thank you General Bob.”

“Our Supreme Leader will be well pleased.”

“Might I expect a reward from His Greatness?”

“Oh course – the honour of being the first to initiate Plan 9*”

Marvin gulped. That was not quite what he had in mind: a medal placed around his neck by the lovely Her Supremeness, some spending money, adoring women, a parade, a cruise.

But he was trapped. As trapped as he would be on the Johnston’s lawn. His cruise — intergalactic.

Poor Marvin. His Plan 9: to hide in plain sight. The suburbia invasion had begun. (99 words)

© Lorraine 2017

*Plan 9 from Outer Space is a bad Grade B cult classic from the absurdist mind of director Ed Wood. The movie, Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp, is worth the watch, if for no other reason than the Academy Award winning performance of Martin Landau as the aging Bela Lugosi.

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