she figured started in the womb

rewiring so optic nerve twisted to see only grey

in shades no other did

breaking of synapses

so colour was a sullen, absent thing

in womb,

where she began to write

her mime’s book of enchantments

to be read out loud;

where strangeness

crept in and

formed twin to her

translucent self . . .

with money saved from

growing sprouts; forgoing bread

she bought a set of

water colour pencils

150 nestled in decorative tin

and she painted herself

shades of lavender until

smell pomaded her soul

coloured rustle of leaves

a vernal multitude

she left but one shadow

drawn outline in twilight

safe haven for

translucent twin

and in that moment, she

saw world without

prismatic shades of grey

glimpse of solid self

perhaps now

Xara of infinite possibilities

mlmm writing prompt 211 stories x 5: topic; name; flower; sound; expression

 (c) Lorraine