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May 22, 2017

Mindfulness Monday – Joel Osteen

wise words quoted by a wise woman

Stan Rogers, The Maid on the Shore

Future Pasts Complimentary Po.em

Another commentary po.em well crafted by Mark from our commentary string. Reblogged without reading as I am still composing my po.ems from the same string where time unspooled, rainbow puddles splashed, and we traveled through the universe. So, more to come from me (and from Mark, I suspect)

Coloring Outside the Lines

Days of reckoning, days of glory?

Finish lines in moving sand

Vaulting into hyperspace

Passing future pasts

Foot race to reason

Across ribbon candy fantasy land

Another commentary po.em from Lorraine andmyself. Her words are italicIzed. More of her words are located at and

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Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes (aka Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 22 May 1859)

Strawbs, Hero & Heroine

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