Welcome Theresa to mlmm’s prompting family while Bastet is on summer sabbatical.  You have set an interesting, intriguing challenge.

Decided to test my poetics (within my limited para“meters”). An attempt at 19th century-ish rhyme on a part of nature, then some po.etics on hummingbirds: a brevette, and a quadrille.

born to die by man’s hand

swing sword of Damocles

twixt sensual and might

drop of blood; drift of sand

tightly wound; taking flight

but for a moment then

death’s cloying perfume

with guillotine precision

thy beauty is thy doom



w i n g i n g



captive wings



against my chest

my ribs its cage

we crave nectar

flowers sweet

flight of words

no peace; no piece

we inhale/exhale short

gasps as one

in solitary nanosecond

between each breath

we dream of meadows

bursting, like our lungs


(c) Lorraine

*For po.etics forms, see sidebar: Glossary of Forms, Poetic Terminology, and Literary Devices

images: roses by Zulu Zulu (pixabay.com); hummingbirds by Eden Hills

Whirled up for mlmm Saturday’s Mix May 5, 2017