Take the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s  Jumping Jack Challenge to raise awareness during National Osteoporosis Month. Sounds like fun!

Jumping Jack Challenge Begins May 1st

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the NOF Jumping Jack Challenge to raise awareness about the important role exercise plays in building and maintaining bone strength, especially for children and adolescents. The challenge is easy:

  1. Videotape yourself, your kids, your family or friends doing 10 jumping jacks in less than 10 seconds! Be as creative as you like.
    1. If you have osteoporosis or other conditions that prevent you from jumping – do Stepping Jacks – step side-to-side raising your arms above your head as you would for jumping jacks.
  2. Share the video via YOUR social media with the hashtag #JumpingJackChallenge and ask your family, friends and colleagues to take the Jumping Jack Challenge too.
  3. Your friends, family and colleagues can accept the challenge and repeat steps 1-2 above to keep the viral campaign going OR make a donation to NOF to help raise awareness about skeletal health. Why? Because it’s essential to build strong bones when you’re young and maintain bone strength throughout your lifetime.
  4. Donations can be made here.

I was diagnosed with osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) then quickly osteoporosis over a decade ago. In that time, I’ve broken my first ever bones: a shattered right wrist in July 2009 and a piece of the upper trochanter bone (near hip) in December 2015. I’ve always been a faller – have the knees to prove it – but have to be super careful now.

So, if you feel like jumping or stepping for a good cause (and perhaps an entertaining video), visit the NOF site and get moving.