Siren Song never tried to masquerade her rotten sense of rhythm for she would sing her prayer to the saints each morning.

Singing in Bedlam,” the Music Man would mutter, smattering his words with negative emphasis. His dislike was visible; his vision narrowed by his own list of shortcomings. Life spiral; chip upon his stooped shoulders; dust settling into his open guitar case more than coin; sheen of his worn coat.

Little did he know she quarreled with herself: sum of her life a short list; price paid for a scrambled childhood and addled brain.

She had an itch to wrap her dirty, mismatched shoe laces around his neck. Then, not run from, nor whitewash the deed. Rather, wait for the police to arrive for her swan song. (128 with 24 being wordle words = 102)

Sunday Whirl wordle 297 words: spiral chip sum list life settle saints sing prayer itch lace run

mlmm wordle 153 words: quarrel man singing in bedlam (being completely insane, but happy with it) rotten sheen whitewash scramble price narrow visible smatter masquerade

image: scym,