If nervous or afeared, she shows it not; she practiced til runes burned upon her mind. Foot-falls and risings; turns to each direction; offering made. All left twas rising of the full, clear moon. Pink moon* under which enchantment needs be done.

Led to this night; this place under wheeling cold starscape emerging from warmth of eveningtide’s skyfire. Moon rise – sun’s pale lover banished – sending brilliant white streamers into darkness of shadows. Fixed spot, circle of sky above tops of ancient firs. When frame filled by pink engorged moon, she begins.

Ritual of Ancients. Freeing. Rebirth. Enters twilit clearing, girl. As sun’s orange talons scrape trace of moon from sky, emerges woman, warrior.

(c) Lorraine

Writing in the raw, first weave for Tale Weaver #116: the moon The full moon in April is called “the pink moon,” named after moss pink, or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowering plants. Other cultures know it by different names: “sprouting grass moon;” “egg moon;” “fish moon.” note from Full Moon Phases.

image via pixabay.com