I watch your sleep-breaths

once felt upon my neck

now, devoted to another

whose body and soul

you crave

I have not the arts to

seduce you, reduce you

to entice you not to stray

she has cast her eye upon you

as she has to others and will again

you are but one skip of stone

across taunt surface of water,

cross her perfumed and perfect skin

to me, you are all and everything

to her, you are but a moment’s

passion spent in adoration

of her artisanal sensuality

men’s lust, mirror by which she

judges her beauty – but remember

whilst she has a body,

she has no soul

(c) Lorraine

Composed for mlmm Friday Music Prompt #2: Jolene (Dolly Parton & Pentatonix)

image via pixabay.com