Her bucket list. Each crossed out entry brought a smile, a memory savoured, cherished. Following Gurdjieff’s footprints. Lounging in Hemingway’s Keys. Watching the cosmos evolve from Cerro Tololo

She glanced at the next adventure, the next thrill: Harvey Deadwater. She imagined an extended cruise on a small boat, perhaps to Fiji or Bali. Sea tang, sound of water lapping against her fingers. Clink of glasses, Harvey’s handsome rugged 1950s Hollywood star sort of face gazing up at her, his muscular arms reaching for her. Bioluminescent sea undulating under a a brilliant starscape – horizon an unmarred deepest blue line between the two. Finding just absolutely perfect place to roll his body over board. She imagined herself, tanned and lithe, waving a last farewell to Harvey. “He’d be dead in the water for sure,” she laughed.

Turned on her computer, familiar thrill of the chase engulfing her body. Thank god for the internet and excellent research skills. Without them, how could she possibility make sure that everyone on her list hit the bucket?

© Lorraine

Compiled for mlmm writing prompt April 9: lists