The cavern glows with red-gold light. Long stalactites, broken stalagmites resonated the hue. She adjusts her knapsack, and steps into the luminescence. Her skin feels warm, radiating; yet her breath hangs in puffs on the chill air. A snap of her fingers sends off orange-streaked sparks. Her call, “Hello,” echoes back in waves of light and sound.

Finding a suitable rock, she sits, placing her knapsack by her feet. Closing her eyes, steadying her breath and heart beat, she lets her mind drift. Images of dragon’s fire, twirling wand, huge shadows against cavern walls played against her eye-lids. Silence was shattered by roars, magic incantations, clash of talon against shield, sword against scales. She sits for a minute or a millennium; she isn’t sure.

She opens her eyes, and takes out the mirror she brought. One glance tells the story. Her once clear hazel eyes now are shot through with flecks of gold; eyes glowing bright against the paleness of her face. Merlin’s Lair is said to hold residual magic from Ancient Times.

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto deep