“Cut”, screamed the director. “Okay, where is he?”

“I don’t know”, his assistant replied, shaking in her $500. designer leather boots.

“Don’t look at me”, quaked her assistant in her $250. knock-off designer leather boots.

“That’s it”, stormed  the director throwing the script at the camerawoman.” If he doesn’t get his scrawny green scaly pretentious accented arse in here in 15 minutes, there is no way I can save this Geico commercial.*”

Leonard the komodo dragon sighed. He thought this was his big break into show business. He spiked the stupid gecko’s drink – and hid the little fellow in a traveling circus trunk. Now . . .

A bit of writing in the raw flash for Jane Dougherty’s Strange Sunday Microfiction Prompt 05.03.17


*American insurance company mascot/spokeslizard is a CGI gecko with a sorta Australian? accent. The hook: spend 15 minutes, save 15% or more on car insurance. The gecko has appeared in hundreds of commercials. Here is just one example from YouTube. Check him and his other CGI friends out – especially the hump day camel!(image: Hans Thoma, 1914.) Premonitory or naïve? I dunno . . . Ask poor Leonard.