Kasha got up from her laptop shaking her head.

“Damn Gremlins,” she sputtered, knowing they were responsible for the message on her scene: “Your internet connection has been severed.”

Searching through her gremlin-buster closet, she grabbed a gremlin talon print detector – a skull shaped laser reader – and stomped out of her house.

Designed by and built for a surrealism artist, her home was often the target of gremlins who preferred the photo-realism school of art. Kaska was the hapless victim in this war of artistic tastes.

With the detector in hand, she scanned the fiber optic cable line running underground to her router. Within in minutes, she discovered the breach, outside of her protection circle guarded by lasers hidden within her 3-D printer- created skeletons. The detector and her nose smelt gremlin all over the small incision in the earth.

Turning the laser to zapper-mode, the cable ends were reunited. Her laptop hummed “Be Happy, Don’t Worry” indicating that all was well in her cyberverse again.

“Damn Kaska,” the gremlin muttered as his internet connection frizzled, and his computer screen went blank.

(c) Lorraine 2017

Inspired by Jane Dougherty’s Strange Sunday image #3 by Ivan Bilibin, an unexplained recent internet/cable tv/phone outage, and by a tale tall written for the Saturday Mix – Bastet.