[stretch your spirit to the wind]

in inky sea of night sky

like shadows in the dark

traced in the contours of landscapes

awakening deepest desires

tracing contours, tracing touch

lust and longing

both equally melt into shade

quilted into the fabric of being

embroidered with fulfillment

sliver of moment; ecstasy

truest self; truest of trues

from unconscious core

changeling awaits next morph

or doppelganger

© Mark and Lorraine

In this case, I have crossed comment streams (Ghostbusters beware) and mated lines seemingly waiting for each other. Heavily mine (lines in italics), I bounced off Mark’s non-represented comments. This is another “unseen” collaboration based on comments made on each other’s posts.

Be sure to check out Mark’s blogs: Colouring Outside the Lines and project 21 words for his interpretations. Our minds think alike while differing. Isn’t that what collaboratory works are all about?

image credit: via pixabay.com (geralt)