Mark and I have been engaged in wordplay, creating po.etry from the back and forth by interweaving comments in comment threads. The commentary stack po.em is stacking a series of one side’s comments, then the others. Mark’s comments are in normal font, mine are in italics.

For more of Mark’s commentary po.etry see his blogs: coloring outside the lines and project 21 words. My short micro-bursts are @ in 25 words more or less


Reflections of wants desires

filtered from the past tides

trampled by yesterday’s surf

[still] shimmer like starfish

in inky sea of night sky

in cosmos of pain and chaos

flotsam and jetsam of the soul

swirl in tidal pools of repressed emotions

fate, constellation of indifference

inanimate bits called us and them

distant futures beckon below the horizon

sleep-swimming dreams

snapping at dancing surface

sea tang of tears and need

© Mark & Lorraine

image: (c) Lorraine 2017