This is #1 of the new Quickly weekly prompt series. In Too Much of a Good Thing, we are given a series of scenarios to choose from, told to write and write, and then use 1/4 or less as our posted story. Quite a task. My result is about 80 words more than a fourth of my original story.


I survived the war by hiding in the library, a small, obscure branch tucked into a tiny woods within the exurban sprawl. Having read Doomsday as soon as the library had a copy, I was prepared for the armed struggle.

Turned the basement reading room into a bunker, stockpiling supplies including a multi-fueled generator. Laid booby traps, and trip wires in case of a breach.

My parents dabbled in the dark arts. I was always stuck with the clean-up. But, I did overhear an cloaking spell, handy for wrapping the building in when necessary.

My companions were two stray cats, Chaucer and Eliot. And thousands of books.

Ran laps and climbed the stairs. Kept a private journal and a public blog. Read up on philosophy, politics, theology, satire and humour.

Sure enough, a year or two later – a truce. At least for now, until the losing side got rambunctious. I remained at the library. Started a roof garden, developed a small reading café on the main floor. Had my mother’s recipe for oatmeal cookies and my dad’s for turning base metals into gold. That’s the thing about revolution, the rich usually still end up on top.

© Lorraine

image: Quickly