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January 31, 2017

Awash in Clouds

More commentary po.etry created in comment stream between Mark and myself.
This is quite addicting — you should try it.

Coloring Outside the Lines

A washed in clouds

Thunder echoes within

Lightning strobes ‘crossbreeding sky

Arroyos want to taste their tears

Cracked lips moisten

Emptiness smiles like a vulture

Wheeling overhead

Despondency it’s course

Longing its reason

Regret it’s will

Remote it’s undoing

Commentary poetry by Lorraine and myself. Her words are italicized. She has more of them that can be seen at

other examples of commentary po.ems

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TT #15: the leave taking

Tango for One

Some more of the commentary po.etry Mark and I have been creating. Mark composed and arranged this dance.


Secrets held tightly
Fears dance with ambitions
In a mad tango
Staccato beats release
Kinetic synergy
The Drums cry
Violins thunder
More commentary poetry… Itailized words are Lorraine’s and mine appear normal (unlike in real like). Http:// is one of her realms. Stop by and see her work.

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jusjojan: detritus 31.01.17

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