It was an aberrant thought, a naked moment of self-enlightenment. The sort of thing that electrified Clara’s creativity. Helped her visualize projects such as her naked body as the canvass for iconic paintings or public false tooth pulling. There was a world of impossibilities out there for her to try.

A performance artist, she shared her loft apartment under the eaves with several sparrows, two marijuana plants, and the sky. Clara’s productivity was crooked – askew between brilliance and dreck. Mostly dreck according to her wise-in-a-grandmotherly-sort-of-way neighbour, Titanic  – all of 4 foot 4 and weighing about eighty pounds. Titanic was a tossed-away sculptor, welding her structures in a shed behind the building. She and Clara would clamber through holes in chain-armour fences, mine the bottoms of abandoned elevator shafts on scrap metal hunts.

Clara’s other neighbour could somaticize mental angst into physical pain; a true kudoclast, experiencing pre-ja vu. Angle Iron kept a deadbolt on his heart; his first love became so much smoke like tobacco leaves on fire leaving him badly burnt. Clara gave up her wait for his tightened soul to blossom into love for her.

sunday whirl 284 words: crooked grandmother hole sky there wise plants first tobacco world eaves

mlmm wordle 140 words: shaft kudoclasm (sometimes it feels like your life is flashing before your eyes, but it’s actually the opposite: you’re thinking forward, to all the things you haven’t done, the places you intend to visit, the goals you’ll get around to…)  somaticize (verb- to convert (anxiety) into physical symptoms) pain naked sparrow tighten deadbolt electrify wait tooth aberrant

unconscious composition with seriously little editing and little seriousness on Monday January 30, 2017 photo via (c) Lorraine 201