Could it be Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the drawing room? No. Not a game of Clue, but a set of clues. Easy.

Colonel Mustard, tripped on the rug, while carrying a vase and three daisies in his recyclable shopping bag. He also purchased a new knife – his had gotten rather dull using it on various things – which embedded itself in his chest when he fell upon his shopping. The killer – a slippery rug dangerously placed on hardwood flooring. Accidental death. Funny though, I could have sworn the Colonel didn’t have one like that in the living room when he left to go shopping . . . .

old wraith from

regimental days


grudges held

Colonel Mustard retired

from army now life

(c) Lorraine

plotted for Bastet’s Saturday Mix murder mystery 28 January 2017