Footsteps echoed eerily in the fog. Another arrival, probably Aunt Lycria making an entrance, unfortunately for her, cloaked and unseen. Fog wrapped figures hovered, some nervously, others contrite. The atmosphere was moist with their sweat, and sulfurous with their false smiles. Occasions such as this brought out sworn enemies such as Uncle Ernst and Third Cousin Ernest. A forced family reunion; I could hear the hissing and spitting just below the surface. How like my family – even happy events were filled with spite. Or course, there were those in tears. Twelve bells; the pastor cleared his throat: “Dearly beloved we are here today to join Mathilda and Pettigrew, forever in each other’s arms. . . .” The droning ritual nearly put me to sleep. Finally, the sound of dirt bouncing off two coffins, and the assembled vaporized back into the fog. I, too, turned on my heel. Now came the after-party – will reading time.

A Charles Addams (and others) inspired mlmm finish off friday #6: footsteps in the fog

© Lorraine