Still writing out my darker side, this time for FFfAW  #97

Photo: Louise @ The Storyteller’s Abode.

Jean thought the river cruise might re-spark their relationship; a romantic, 2 weeks on the water, focusing on wine and history, two of Al’s favourite pursuits. After receiving the gift, he grumped down to his workshop at the bottom of the garden. Staying there til Jean fell asleep reading travel guides or historical mysteries.

Eventually, Al’s project calmed him – he was less prone to angry outbursts and childish tantrums. He even became amorous again, nuzzling her neck while she cooked or did the dishes, and whispering naughtiness in her ear.

Well worth the cost, Jean thought, as Al handed her the remote control, and the cruise was still a week or so away. Al locked himself away for a few days in his study. Jean could hear him whistling,  humming and tapping on the keyboard.

Friends and family saw them off at the docks remarking how happy Jean looked and relaxed Al was.

Only two days into the cruise, terrorists blew the boat right out of the water. A manifesto, by a previously unknown group, claimed responsibility. Sadly Al couldn’t be buried next to Jean; his body was never found.

(c) Lorraine