QKJ 9: Let this be your starting point

I randomly chose 3 Hopper paintings and wrote a “In 25 words or less” flash for each. My way of using the Tom Waits video as a starting point.


Cape Cod Morning, 1950 - Edward Hopper

Cape Cod Morning (1950)

Anxiously, she watched the path from the beach. The boys, laughing and pushing, disappeared down it hours ago. No sandy footsteps back to the house.


Automat, 1927 - Edward Hopper

automat (1927)

She felt the truth. As she applied her makeup. Carefully chose her dress. Patiently waited. He had other women; she didn’t have another man.

Morning Sun, 1952 - Edward Hopper

Morning Sun (1952)

Makeup still thick on her face, she stared out at the morning sun. Too old for the game. Was there a retirement home for whores?

© Lorraine