painting: Unknown Young Man at His Office Desk by Hans Holbein the Younger:


I sat for you, hours of stillness

didn’t swat the fly off my nose

sneeze when sick with ague

my neck and back suffered for you

my hands and fingers died for you

I lost wife, business, mistress

because you needed me

gave my life for you

when model you said

immortality you cooed

posterity you whispered

and what, after all that

do you name the damn


“Unknown Young Man at his Office Desk”

master painter Holbein

do not venture down dark alleys alone

or there shall not be

the future famous painter

Hans Holbein, the youngest

QKJ 8: If you like, you can write about the painting itself, but doesn’t that title speak to you?

The title spoke to me! Thus, Anonymous

(c) Lorraine