hope. fleeting as snow in April sunshine. hope. impaled on shards of splintered heart. hope. shuttered and abandoned house.

hope. shimmers like dragonfly wings. hope. glitters like window prism. hope. flies like angel’s wings. hope. dreams like believing.

hope. once held back darkness. hope. once held back tears. hold. once held back sorrow. hope. once held back fear. hope. once.

hope. is laughter. hope. is love. hope. is embracing. hope. is compassion. hope. is forward. hope. is friendship. hope. is.

then. give. me hope. give. me promise. give. me sunshine. give. me light. give. me dreaming. give. me life. give. me.

just. grant. me your hand. grant. me your heart. grant. me your spirit. grant. me your soul. grant. me your love. grant. me.

Texted for mlmm writing prompt sms 08.01.17 being, I hope, prosetry in 6 text messages. (each line is less than 140 characters)